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Bach Flower Remedies FAQs

What are Bach Flower Remedies/ Essences?

Bach Flower Remedies/ Essences are a form of energy therapy, which works subtly to imbue our physical, spiritual and emotional selves with the positive energy of certain types of flowers.
The 38 Bach Flower Remedies result from years of trial and error, which involved preparing and testing thousands of plants, one by one, to achieve the desired remedies, which correspond to 38 possible changes in a person’s mood. Remedies prepared from these flowers are called Bach Flower Remedies.

What is the difference between flower essences and essential oils?

Flower essences are often mistaken for essential oils. However, unlike essential oils, flower essences contain no scent or perfume, and they are safe to be ingested as they contain no plant or flower matter. Essential oils are a mixture of volatile, organic compounds originating from a single botanical source, and contribute to the flavour and fragrance. Essential oils work primarily through the sense of smell. They are highly concentrated chemical substances, many of which are quite poisonous if taken internally. On the other hand, flower essences are safe and gentle to use, whether taken internally or used topically.

How do flower remedies/essences work?

Flower essences are believed to work on your aura, linked to your physical body and mind. They first penetrate the aura, where they work on both the emotional(mind) and spiritual level. Then, because your aura and solid body are one, they go on to affect you physically, helping your body to regain its vibrant, healthy blueprint. Their healing energies simply lift our vibrations and unblock our minds’ channels to approach life more positively. With the return of inner strength and harmony, the body’s own natural healing processes can begin.

Are Bach Flower Remedies/ Essences and Homeopathic medicines the same?

Both the modalities have certain similarities but also have some important differences. One of the similarities is that they are based on energetic rather than biochemical principles and are physically diluted. There is no complex procedure in flower essence manufacture, and there is no dynamization, i.e. potentization like homeopathic drugs and hence cannot produce any harm to the person

Are Bach Flower Remedies/ Essences safe?

Bach Flower Remedies/Essences are not medicines. They do not suppress symptoms but instead inundate the recipient with vibrational energies adapted to the person and problem, thus re-establishing balance. Flower essences/ remedies are herbal preparations from the plant’s flowers to embody its higher vibrational healing. Flower essences work gently and have no recorded side effects, but are powerful enough to cause major shifts in emotions and mood.

Who all can take Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach Flower Remedies/ Essences are 100% natural and can successfully be taken by babies, adults, pregnant women, teenagers, elderly and even pets and animals. They are completely safe and harmless. There are no side effects, you cannot overdose, and they are not additive.

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How do Bach Flower Remedies/ Essences help in pregnancy?

The Bach Flower Essences can help pregnant women overcome their emotional suffering & apprehension in pre-and postnatal periods. Though the remedies are safe, pregnant women should consult their physicians before taking any therapeutic agent.

How do Bach Flower Remedies/Essences help children?

Children can be helped early; their passage through life will be much easier and happier. The Flower Remedies is a natural stress and emotional relief, safe for children. They respond wonderfully to the remedies because they have no doubting intellect to interfere 
With their emotional problems.

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