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Essential Oil Blends

With the goodness of flower essences and Bach Flower Remedies

Handmade Natural Soaps

With the goodness of plant-based oils, butters rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

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Handmade Soaps

We make our soaps with all natural ingredients, pure flower essences and love.

Sahar Blends soaps are natural handmade soaps with all the goodness of plant-based oils, butters that are rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. They also include incredibly good ingredients that come straight from the Earth, like salts, clays, essential oils, plant leaves, Bach flower remedies and so on. All the soaps are free from artificial colours, artificial fragrances and strong chemicals. Our products are:

  • 100% free from artificial oils or fragrances

  • Cruelty Free: Not tested on Animals

  • Free Shipping on orders above Rs. 5000.

  • Made in India

    Handmade Soaps

    Essential Oils

    Healing Through Essential Oils

    The contemporary practice of modern aromatherapy originated within the last hundred years. The use of essential oils to heal the mind, body and spirit can be traced back to all the major ancient civilizations of the world. Aromatic plants played a central role in the healing arts of early humankind.
    Now, in the modern era, a renewed interest in natural, plant-based healing led to the development of modern aromatherapy. In the 1920s, a French chemist, Rene Gattefosse, experimented with essential oils and realized their great healing potential.

    Essential Oils

    What Are Essential Oils

    Gattefosse’s research into essential oils was taken up by another Frenchman, Dr.Jean Valner, who used oils to heal soldiers’ burns and wounds during the First World War. He then successfully treated psychiatric patients with essential oils, demonstrating. Their emotional and psychological healing qualities. Marguerite Maury subsequently pioneered their use in beauty and revitalization therapy, thereby establishing another aspect of the healing powers of essential oils.

    Essential oils are valuable in so many quite different ways that it’s hard to find a word or even an expression that fully describes what they can do. They are perhaps best known as materia medica – a healing system, but essential oils can also be used throughout the home and workplace to enhance well-being and lifestyle. They offer unique assistance to athletes, dancers, travellers, gardeners, animal lovers and cooks. As well as all this, essential oils are invaluable in beauty and spa treatments.

    People who use essential oils regularly say they can’t do without them. And newcomers to essential oils will wonder how they got along before. The effectiveness and versatility

    Essential oils are easy to incorporate into our lives because there are so many different methods of use. The fact that they smell good is just a bonus! There seems no end in sight to the benefits of essential oils, whether newly recognized in a lab or recently experienced in our own homes.

    Essential oils may be part of humanity’s past, but they’re also part of humanity’s future. They are an eternal gift from nature, an ongoing adventure of marvels, a friend, support, and one of the most valuable gifts nature has given us to enjoy.

    What are essential oils?

    Essential oils also referred to as "essences", are botanical extracts of various plant materials, and do not only originate from flowers but from herbs, trees and various other plant material.

    The essential oils are extracted from the botanical material using a variety of extraction methods to suit the material extracted from and are highly odoriferous liquids.

    Essential oils differ from other oils (fixed oils such as olive oil) as they are volatile and evaporate when left open, and have certain therapeutic properties which can be used to promote health and well-being.


    But as with anything, certain essential oils can be toxic, but luckily these are not sold in general, but people should be aware that they have to take care when using essential oils for the first time, or experimenting with new oil.

    There are also certain safety precautions to be followed in the use of essential oils, such as never to use pure, undiluted essential oils on the skin.


    Essential oils are used in a variety of ways and include aromatherapy massage - where the oil is absorbed through the skin and vaporization where the essential oil molecules enter the bloodstream via the lungs.

    Essential oils are also used medicinally and taken internally. Still, the layperson must NOT undertake this, but should only be done under the treatment and direction of a qualified medical practitioner.

    If you have never used essential oils on your skin, it is advisable to perform a skin patch test on the inner elbow to check for any allergic reaction.

    Our essential oil blends:-

    Our essential oil blends are made with utmost care considering all safety aspects of using essential oils such as banned essential oils, Abortifacient wssential oils, Emmenagague essential oils, Essential oils to be avoided by high blood pressure patients, essential oils to be avoided during liver toxicity and so on.

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